How to begin your flight & Ground training 

Becoming a pilot is easier than you think ! 

You already took the first step by researching flight schools, comparing personnel ethics and training costs, which are the most important factors for your success.

How Can PlaneSet Help Me Achieve My Goals for Flight & Ground Training


We are focused on helping students obtain their licenses and ratings at affordable rates.
Our team of highly experienced flight and ground instructors will be dedicated to meeting your needs and will guide you to reach your goals. The aircraft you will be flying are equipped with the latest GPS technology.


You will have resume and career counseling to get started in the aviation world. We will help you get familiar with the aviation job boards, career sites, and networking events.

easy steps to earn your wings

You Can Learn To Fly part time or full time the choice is yours 


Choose your course

Choose your Individual course or Professional Pilot program. Call us or email us to answer any questions




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Affordable options, with the PlaneCard®  30% savings or Financing for as low as $200 per month, all inclusive.



Enrollment documentation, school operations overview, instructor assignment

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Begin your flight/ground training and Get Your Wings!

We're committed to helping you

affordable options for your FLIGHT training & Time building

**Comparison with Other Flight schools in the area, how we help you save money:

  • Airplane C172 $179 Hr Wet (surcharges included) + Instructor ($60 hr) = $ 239 per Hr (Forget it !) 

  • Flying Clubs Cessna 172 $129 Wet + Instructor $40 hr = $169 + $50 Per Month fee + $150 initial fee (availability?)

  • Rates compared are Cessnas 172 vs 172, not C150 or light sport aircrafts, PlaneSet planes are 4 seaters IFR Certified 

  • Flying out of KTKI McKinney Airport has more cost saving benefits than other busier airports (Addison), usually you will save $90 per flight, practice area is 5 min, not 20 min away, and ground time to take off and taxi is quick ! plus you can practice touch and goes in your home airport ! you don't have to fly somewhere else. 

We Accept all major Debit and Credit Cards, cash and checks always welcomed. 

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