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PlaneSet is an innovative flight school dedicated to serving the students and pilot community with affordable flight training, set to the highest standards with above average dedicated flight instructors. 

Our flight instructors are truly committed to helping you. They are knowledgeable and experienced, and will always go the extra mile to make you a better Pilot. 

We are pioneers of developing aviation services that benefit you with lower costs, such as the PlaneCard®, which you will become a fan of. 

What pilots are saying:

Mamun on MAR, 2017


Great prices, Great instructors, The owner is the best, they always work with my busy schedule, the aircraft is in great shape and they keep it in pristine condition. Very big on safety and they make sure that the customer is safe and happy

Max Chew on 5-AUG, 2017


Excellent flight school with an extremely responsible and dedicated owner. Great aircraft, great instructors and great prices!! Definitely the best in town and no regrets flying with them.

Dan on 18-FEB, 2018


Great flight school! The Owner is responsive and responsible. Value for money and I got my ratings completed in no time. Definitely recommend them!.

John B. on 11-APR, 2018

★★★★★5/5  Google Review

Great owner, great communication, miticulous with maintenance, fun fleet of 172’s, and a Piper Arrow. Very reasonable cost to build hours, or flight train.


professional pilot

Becoming a Professional Pilot is a rewarding career in several aspects of life. It is carried with pride and you will enjoy every minute of it. 

The Aviation Industry is in great need of aviation professionals, Pilots being in highest demand. The rapid growth of the Airlines, Charters, and Business Flying, combined with retiring Pilots, there is no doubt that this is a successful career to pursue.  

private pilot

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“Love what you do, our company was built from the heart.” 

Since 2015 & still flying strong ! 

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