the best pilots are made HERE, on the ground, AND YOU WILL HAVE A GREAT VIEW TOO





We provide Ground Training for all Pilot certificates, 

The knowledge you will be accumulating during your training will be the ​base for a successful achievement of a Pilot Certificate. With an organized and logical curriculum you will be in a position to take over any task and situation surrounding your flight training. 

Your training and success depends mainly on 3  aspects. Learning 

to fly involves developing the right skills, obtaining the proper knowledge and making good decisions, and one can not live without the other. 

Test preparation, you will pass

Yes you will pass your exams, why? Because you will learn in a way that the topics will be truly understood and practicing FAA Sample questions will give an edge over other materials. 

We are a real flight school operating and teaching the best pilots, there's no substitute for that.

Drone, dji, uas, part 107
Avionics, Garmin, Avidyne, Aspen

We are well prepared to make you a pro in any avionics package you choose, from the Avidyne, Garmin G1000, 430, 530 & Aspen, now familiarity with technology will be a thing of the past. 

Cross Country Planning & Anything you need to fly safely

Want to go somewhere and you would like to get a second set of eyes to help with the route, we can assist you with that and with any other topic you would like to expand your knowledge we are happy to help you. 

Ground School Training for all of your certificates

Private Pilot, Instruments, Commercial, Flight Instructor, ATP

With an organized and logical curriculum your training will make more sense and it will become more efficient in all aspects.  

UAS Part 107 FAA Remote Pilot Commercial Operator &
Drone Flying Lessons

Want to become a Drone Pilot and conduct commercial operations or maybe start your own drone business, we can help you obtain your Drone UAS Part 107 FAA Remote Pilot Certificate, usually we have a weekend workshop or we can accommodate a 1 on 1 

Drone flying lessons are also available. 


We are happy and ready to help you ! 

Jet Transition Training, Jet Systems, Turbine, High Altitude 

Aiming high and for professional pilots looking to add to their curriculum and to their knowledge base Jet Systems, we are versed on what you need to know to reach the next level. 

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